Sworn translation in Germany

Sworn translation in Germany


TRADUSET is a trans­la­ti­on agen­cy head­quar­te­red in Ham­burg. We can trans­la­te and cer­ti­fy your legal docu­ments from Ger­man to Eng­lish or Eng­lish to Ger­man. Trans­la­ti­ons of docu­ments used for for­mal pur­po­ses usual­ly need to be cer­ti­fied by a sworn translator.

Tra­du­set trans­la­ti­on agen­cy per­forms all trans­la­ti­on ser­vices in accordance with DIN EN 17100. All trans­la­ti­ons are done fol­lo­wing the 4-eye prin­ci­ple: they are trans­la­ted by a nati­ve spea­k­er, pro­ofread by an edi­tor and dou­ble-che­cked by a qua­li­ty con­trol expert. Our edi­tors place spe­cial importance on sty­li­stic accu­ra­cy and the appro­pria­te ter­mi­no­lo­gy for your sec­tor and tar­get group. Some of our cli­ents mere­ly need a trans­la­ti­on for inter­nal use or to under­stand the gist of a text. In such cases, a simp­le trans­la­ti­on may suf­fice, and you can opt out of the pro­ofre­a­ding ser­vice to save costs.Our pro­ject mana­gers will make you a detail­ed offer con­tai­ning all the infor­ma­ti­on you need. They careful­ly ana­ly­se the source texts and pass them on to tho­se mem­bers of our pro­fes­sio­nal team, who are best sui­ted to cor­rect­ly trans­la­te your texts into the tar­get lan­guage you require. 

We trans­la­te, edit and pro­ofread in many dif­fe­rent lan­guages. We pro­ofread your trans­la­ti­ons, artic­les, lec­tures, adver­ti­sing mate­ri­al, web-con­tent, emails, press releases and other docu­ments. Tra­du­set trans­la­ti­on agen­cy edits your texts in terms of style and line of argu­ment – we are sure to find the fit­ting expres­si­on and the appro­pria­te tone.

Translation offer

Do you need cer­ti­fied trans­la­ti­ons in Ger­man?.Plea­se do not hesi­ta­te to cont­act us for a free and non-bin­ding offer. We respond to all queries within one day, usual­ly within 3 hours. Our cost struc­tu­re is trans­pa­rent: we offer all our trans­la­ti­on ser­vices at a fixed pri­ce. We will be hap­py to pro­vi­de you with an offer free of char­ge and wit­hout obli­ga­ti­on. We under­ta­ke to main­tain strict con­fi­den­tia­li­ty with regard to all enqui­ries and to the con­tent of all trans­la­ti­ons. Spe­cial redu­ced rates app­ly to cha­ri­ta­ble orga­ni­sa­ti­ons and students.